Two-Phase Treatment in Pensacola, FL

Orthodontic treatment options have come a long way, evolving to a more efficient, sophisticated, and patient-friendly approach. One such advanced method we offer at Woodfin Cabassa Orthodontics is two-phase orthodontic treatment. Addressing orthodontic issues in two distinct phases can result in a more effective and lasting outcome.

Phase one, also known as early intervention, typically begins when a child still has a mix of primary (baby) and permanent teeth. This phase can start as early as age six or seven and continues until around age ten or 11. After phase one, there is a resting period during which the remaining permanent teeth erupt naturally. Phase two typically begins around ages 11 to 13, when most permanent teeth are in place. This stage involves more traditional orthodontic appliances such as braces or clear aligners.

Phase One - Early Orthodontic Problems 

During phase one of the two-phase orthodontic treatment, our orthodontists in Pensacola, FL, can address specific dental issues while the child's jaw is still growing and developing. These issues might include:


Early intervention can create space for incoming permanent teeth, reducing the likelihood of crowding and the need for extraction. 

Crossbite Correction

Crossbites, where the upper teeth fit inside the lower teeth, can lead to misaligned growth. Phase one treatment can help correct this. 

Overbites and Underbites

Our orthodontists can correct bite issues like overbite and underbite by guiding jaw growth to improve functionality and facial aesthetics. 


Thumb-sucking and tongue-thrusting habits can be addressed early to prevent more severe problems from developing.

Phase Two Orthodontic Treatment

After phase one is complete, phase two orthodontic treatment in Pensacola, FL, is used to fine-tune teeth alignment to achieve optimal aesthetics, functionality, and bite alignment. This phase can address the following: 


Phase two corrects any remaining misalignment issues, ensuring the teeth are perfectly aligned for a beautiful smile and improved oral health. 


This phase focuses on the minutiae, ensuring each tooth fits perfectly within the dental arch and aligns with the surrounding teeth. 

Bite Issues

Phase two can address any remaining bite problems, such as overbites, underbites, and crossbites, to improve oral function and facial aesthetics. 

The Benefits of Two-Phase Orthodontic Treatment 

Optimal Results

Since it addresses dental issues from an early stage, two-phase orthodontic treatment often results in a more effective and aesthetically pleasing outcome. 

Reduced Need for Extractions 

Early intervention can create the necessary space for permanent teeth to erupt, reducing the need for future extractions. 

Improved Self-Esteem 

Correcting orthodontic issues early can prevent potential self-esteem and confidence issues arising from visible dental problems. 

Enhanced Facial Harmony 

Two-phase orthodontic treatment contributes to overall facial harmony and balance by guiding jaw growth and alignment. 

Long-Term Stability

Combining early intervention and comprehensive treatment improves the likelihood of long-term orthodontic stability. 

Two-phase orthodontic treatment is a comprehensive approach that addresses orthodontic issues early to ensure the best outcomes. If you're considering orthodontic treatment for your child, visit Woodfin Cabassa Orthodontics at 4857 N 9th Ave., Pensacola, FL 32503, or call (850) 477-2180 to determine whether two-phase treatment is the right path to achieving optimal results.


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