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Virtual *is* Reality at Woodfin Cabassa Orthodontics!

To continue serving our patients during the COVID-19 outbreak while keeping our community safe, Woodfin Cabassa Orthodontics has gone completely virtual.

Virtual is Reality. We’re a technology-forward team, and we can seamlessly provide treatment to our patients during this challenging time.

We offer virtual orthodontic consultations for those considering enhancing their smile, and hope to e-meet you soon!

Simply click here to start.

Stay safe and healthy,

Dr. Cabassa & Dr. Woodfin


An important message from Woodfin Cabassa Orthodontics







Dear Patients,

In order to ensure the safety of our patients, our team and the community at large during the COVID-19 outbreak, we are adapting the way that we provide orthodontic treatment. What this means for you and your family:

-Regular appointments will now be done virtually

-We will implement curbside pick-up for additional aligners

-For all emergencies, please call (850) 477-2180

-All new patient consultations will be conducted virtually

We will reach out shortly if you have an upcoming appointment to discuss the best option for your family. It is our social responsibility to do our part to flatten the curve and slow the spread of COVID-19 and to protect our patients, staff, and our families from inadvertent exposure. Stay safe & healthy!

Yours virtually,

Dr. Woodfin & Dr. Cabassa

The Smile Tune-Up Program with Woodfin Cabassa Orthodontics

Many of the parents in our practice had braces in the past (but didn’t wear a retainer) or you’ve simply never been happy with your smile. We also know that it’s a big time and financial commitment to undergo years of braces as an adult. Our team values the relationship we have with the families in our practice and don’t want any roadblocks in the way of you having a beautiful smile… or having it back again. That’s why we’re offering our new Smile Tune-Up Program, where we will address only the elements of your smile that are most important to you. That means shorter treatment times and reduced fees.

If you’re interested in talking about whether you’re a candidate for our Smile Tune-Up Program, set up a complimentary consultation at one of our three office locations in Pensacola, Perdido, or Gulf Breeze by calling 1-850-477-2180. We would be happy to explore this option with you, free of charge!


Is Orthodontics Ever Done in an Emergency?

Orthodontic treatment can be performed quickly, if it is done safely and in a systematic way. There are times when a dental procedure might be considered an emergency. If you have a painful infection or trauma to the mouth. Or, if you have a loose piece of hardware that is poking you or causing discomfort. These are emergencies that need to be taken care of stat. They require the services of a dentist or orthodontist to intervene quickly so you need to make an appointment ASAP. In times like these, we need to move fast.


Woodfin Cabassa Orthodontics does not consider regular orthodontic treatment something that needs to be done in an emergency. Teeth just don’t move that way, at least not on purpose. In fact, we consider orthodontics like building a house. It takes expert planning and consideration before getting to work. We create an outline of where your teeth are now and assess any issues, like an overbite, crossbite or crowding. Then we put together a treatment plan that we will follow to ensure optimal results. We also work with your primary dentist to get appropriate dental records and confirmation that all routine dental care is completed before placing appliances. A good foundation will guarantee a positive outcome. All the specialists must come together to ensure the work is done the right way and in the right order.


Your orthodontic work is completed according to a timeline we develop from the beginning. Moving teeth and adjusting the jaw is not something that can be done overnight. (You’ve heard that Rome wasn’t built in a day!) But, we can move quickly as long as it is safe and reasonable for the work that needs to be done.


Can orthodontics be expedited if a patient wants it? Absolutely. If treatment can be done in a shorter time frame and in a safe manner, we will certainly oblige and discuss every option that is available. If all the requirements are met, we will move the process along as swiftly as possible. But remember that orthodontics must be performed in a systematic order. Neither Dr. Sal or Dr. Greg will ever “cut corners” just to get a patient in treatment on the same day of their initial exam.


We’re happy to answer all questions and we’ll make sure you or your child receives the right treatment plan for them. Contact us today for a complimentary consultation! Visit us online at, or call us at any of our local offices:


Pensacola: (850) 477-2180

Gulf Breeze: (850) 934-2828

Perdido: (850) 477-2180

Join us at the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk on October 26th

Join Team Woodfin Cabassa Orthodontics on Saturday, October 26th at the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk in Pensacola. Check in is at 8 am and the walk begins at 9 am. The location is: The Community Maritime Park, 301 W Main St, Pensacola, FL.

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Wait! Don’t Order DIY Orthodontic Treatment Until You Read This

It’s easy to do so many things these days with the click of a button. Order shoes! Get a ride across town. Watch your favorite blockbuster movie! It seems like every day there’s a newer and easier way to do almost everything. We’ve been programmed to accept that anything can be ordered online and delivered right to our front door. However, at Woodfin Cabassa Orthodontics there is one thing that we believe has no easy replacement: orthodontic treatment. There is no match for a trained, experienced professional when it comes to your oral health, in addition to our Certified Orthodontic Assistants who all have over 12 years of experience.

The American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) agrees. They recently issued a Consumer Alert listing key questions to ask about direct-to-consumer orthodontic companies. You can download a print-friendly version here.

The issue is that many direct-to-consumer orthodontic companies don’t involve the in-person evaluation and/or in-person supervision of your treatment that we provide at Woodfin Cabassa Orthodontics. In-person supervision and expertise is important because there is more to creating a healthy, beautiful smile than moving the visible portions of your teeth. If not done correctly any dental work can lead to potentially irreversible and expensive damage such as tooth and gum loss, changed bites, and other issues. 


The Top 10 Questions To Ask

The AAO advises that when researching orthodontic treatment (including treatment models from direct-to-consumer companies), you should consider many key questions, some of which include:

  1. As part of your treatment, are comprehensive diagnostic records like x-rays taken before your treatment?
  2. As part of your treatment fee, do you receive any in-person visits to a dentist’s or orthodontist’s office during your treatment?
  3. Is only one treatment type offered (such as invisible aligners or a certain appliance)?
  4. If a dentist or orthodontist is involved with your treatment, do you know the name of the dentist or orthodontist who will be specifically involved with your case (for example, is it available on the company’s website or elsewhere)?
  5. What are the possible risks (financial, health, etc.) associated with your orthodontic treatment?
  6. Who is responsible for detecting any issues that may occur during your orthodontic treatment? Is it you? If it is a doctor not associated with your treatment, who pays for those check-ups?
  7. If a doctor is involved with your orthodontic treatment, how can you contact him or her over the course of your treatment? How can you contact him or her if an emergency arises?
  8. If an emergency arises, does the company have a dentist or orthodontist in your area that you can see in-person? If not, who would cover the costs associated with seeing a dentist or orthodontist in your area?
  9. If you are injured or have another dispute involving your orthodontic treatment, how is it handled (litigation, arbitration, etc.) and what rights do you have? 
  10. Does the treatment model comply with the dental laws in your state? To check your state’s dental laws, click Information for your state dental board can be found at


Where You Receive Your Health Care Is A Very Important Personal Decision

Remember that orthodontic treatment is not a product or device – it is a professional, medical service. 


Learn more about Dr. Greg Woodfin

“I have been a practicing orthodontist for more than 25 years. During that time, I have had the opportunity to work with many patients, creating with them smiles that not only improve their appearance, but also enhance their self-confidence and self-esteem. Each patients’ unique orthodontic needs, and their individual personalities, make my professional life rewarding and fulfilling. One of the primary reasons I chose to become an orthodontist is because it is an area of dental care that patients seek out: not just because of necessity, but because they want to change their lives.

In addition to my formal degrees, I am also passionate about pursuing continuing education opportunities. These allow me to keep abreast of the latest orthodontic techniques, which results in my being able to provide the most up-to-date orthodontic processes and treatments for my patients.”


Dr. Woodfin’s Education

Columbus State University, Bachelor of Science, Biology

Medical College of Georgia, Doctorate of Dental Medicine

Emory School of Dentistry, Orthodontics


Learn more about Dr. Sal Cabassa

“I love my work as an orthodontist. My greatest joy comes from teaming with patients to create the perfect smile, one that will increase their self-esteem, boost their self-confidence, and transform their lives. I believe in delivering the best orthodontic care possible, and enjoy the one-on-one interaction I have with my patients. I like getting to know them as individuals with fascinating lives. We learn from each other, and that is incredibly rewarding.

I also am a staunch believer in continuing education, which allows me to stay on the cutting edge of treatment options in orthodontics. This means I am able to provide the most comprehensive orthodontic treatment options for my patients.”


Dr. Cabassa’s Education

University of Florida, Doctor of Dental Medicine, 1990

University of Florida, Master of Science, Orthodontic Specialization, 1995


Before making any decision about orthodontic treatment, consider doing some research and having a complimentary in-person consultation at Woodfin Cabassa Orthodontics. We recognize that all our patients are unique and deserve to receive orthodontic care that reflects their individual needs. Our experienced and talented team is committed to working with you and your family to create a comfortable, stress-free, and rewarding orthodontic experience every time you visit our practice.


We’re happy to answer all questions and we’ll make sure you or your child receives the right treatment plan for them. Contact us today for a complimentary consultation! Visit us online at, or call us at any of our local offices:


Pensacola: (850) 477-2180

Gulf Breeze: (850) 934-2828

Perdido: (850) 477-2180


The Story Behind The Handprints…

In Pensacola, McGuire’s Irish Pub restaurant is a famous icon and is known not only for great food but for the over 1 million signed dollar bills hanging from the wall and ceiling. The first dollar was tacked to the ceiling for good luck, and a fantastic tradition began. So, about 20 years ago, we were only a few years into our new building and, on a whim, I had my staff and my kids do their handprint on a wall in our staff lounge just for fun. Since then, we’ve encouraged our patients to “sign” a Wall of Fame when they got their braces off. Instead of just a signature, they would place their handprint and signature along with the date of their “big day”. And that was the birth of our brand (borrowed from McGuire’s dollar bill idea!). Well, little did we predict that 20+ years later, it was exactly what we were looking for! Handprints are everywhere in the office. Most every wall and some low ceilings, even outside on the porch has become necessary because we were running out of walls and never wanted to paint over someone’s big day event.

Each handprint represents a new smile, a happy patient, and their big day at Woodfin Cabassa Orthodontics.

This year, we’re thrilled to announce that we’re celebrating our 55 years of combined experience!

Invisalign Teen: The Choice is Clear!

Many parents know about Invisalign®, the virtually invisible way to straighten teeth without metal braces that we now have over 20 years of experience providing for all patients. But we’re often asked for more information about Invisalign® Teen– a treatment option we have offered since 2008.

Our doctors, Drs. Greg Woodfin and Sal Cabassa have over 50 years of combined experience in the orthodontic field – one of the highest of any practice along the Gulf Coast area. With all of our team’s experience as Premier Invisalign Providers, we are happy to offer the answers to the top common questions that we’re asked about Invisalign Teen. It is a high priority to us that our patients are educated on what we’re doing every step of the way so that they understand their treatment plans and feel comfortable with our process and timelines – that goes for teens and parents! We hope you find these answers helpful!

What’s Invisalign Teen?

In short, rather than wires and brackets, Invisalign® Teen uses a series of clear, removable aligners that have been custom-made for your teen’s teeth, a result of precise images we take with the sophisticated iTero Scanner. Your teen simply wears these aligners over their teeth and changes them out for a new set of aligners periodically—most often every two weeks. Little by little, your teen’s teeth gradually shift into place.

Can Invisalign Teen be as effective as wearing traditional braces?

When worn according to the customized plan we set in place, Invisalign Teen can be as effective as traditional braces. The chances are very high your teen will be a candidate for Invisalign as it can treat many of the common issues we see.

What are some of the responsibilities of wearing Invisalign Teen?

It’s very important that aligners are worn the majority of the day. Compliance and cooperation is critical to any orthodontic care but especially Invisalign. Invisalign Teen is most effective when worn 20 to 22 hours per day and changed approximately every two weeks. In fact, Invisalign Teen aligners have blue indicators that fade over time when used as directed so we can track compliance.

What sets us apart?

Our team wants to help boost all teen’s confidence! Research shows that parents underestimate the extent to which teens feel self-conscious about their smile—and their appearance in general. Wearing braces can often make this lack of confidence even worse. Invisalign Teen removes a potential source of anxiety, giving them more confidence during what can be a challenging time in their lives. Our team will support your teen throughout their treatment while educating them on the importance of following all of the steps that are included in the treatment process. Although this approach is not for every situation, we feel it should be considered when making your choices for teen, as well as adult, orthodontic treatment.

At Woodfin & Cabassa Orthodontics, we pay personal attention to every patient and make sure our patients are educated on what we’re doing every step of the way. You’ll never feel out of the loop or pressured into any decisions at our practice. We take the time to make sure our treatment plans are clear and we work hard to get excellent results for every single patient and their family.